Activate Your Opportunity

As I slide my way through facebook feeds of my friends I can’t help but notice the common trend of comments about the job market. It seems as if most of my friends can’t find work or are incredibly disappointed with their jobs. I have friends who have graduated from university that are working for minimal wages or aren’t even working.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that this is going to be some rant about America’s problems and how the economy is the reason for all of our negative situations. Wrong. The economy obviously needs work but that’s not what this is about.

This is about you. This is about what you are doing, what you are thinking and the key word being Active.

The entire idea of the economy being the reason for our situation is really debilitating. There really is a problem with letting something so arbitrary have so much control over our lives. It represents a passive attitude toward life. I would ask to all those who have posted about their negative working status, how many times have you posted in a job board? Sent your resume’ to a company? Picked up the phone and followed up? Asked a friend or family member when they can give your resume’ to someone they work with? How many job sites are you currently registered with? Do you actively try and grow yourself as much as you complain or post about how bad it is? For as many times as you have advertised your dissatisfaction have you done something that could change it?

Now I know things truly are hard so I’m not trying to say that people haven’t tried or they don’t care but there is a major difference between doing what is expected and doing what is necessary. Doing what is expected only possibly gets you a job in a good economy. Doing what is necessary will help you unlock the job market in any economy. As I have mentioned before I am not a graduate, I don’t even have an Associates degree and I currently have three potential companies that I could work for right now with the dialing of one phone call all paying above $40,000 with benefits. How many Americans would turn that down right now?

Thus what is the difference between expected and necessary?

Expected  vs. Necessary

-Having a resume’ or having a clean, professional resume’ with highlighted information pertaining to the job you want.

-Putting in applications or seeking those who make the hiring decisions and demanding to be put in front of them and personally introducing yourself and handing the application to them.

-Filling out electronic application and waiting for a call/email or filling out electronic application and calling minutes after submitting to ask “What is the next step?”

-Talking to people saying “I need a job.” or asking specific targeted people you know are working “Who do you know that can help me get a job?” or “Who could you pass my resume’ to?”

-Going on job boards and applying for positions or going on the job board, apply for the position and do personal research on the company and hiring managers and calling them personally to let them know you are interested.

-Having references or having references who are specifically prepped for who is calling and why along with key points about you and your experience that will relate to the job you are interviewing for.

-Looking professional or Dressing like the boss’s boss.

All of the latter examples represent Active approaches to finding work versus the passive approach that we are taught to think will work. Only those that decide to take that extra step are going to be the ones who will stand out. Ask yourself, “Am I doing what is expected or what is necessary for what I want?”

Those that do the expected get the expected…unemployment.

Those that do what is necessary get what they want.


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