Strengthen Your Job-Getting Muscles: 6 Ways To Increase Your Employment Stock

I was in a situation, as a student, where it was difficult to get experience that qualified me for a job because I didn’t have a job. I’m assuming people who are unemployed right now and in between jobs may feel the same way; too far away from their dream job. So here are 6 ways to get experience, build your resume, and build your confidence, to get you closer to that dream job, without even having a job!

1. Start a personal blog and write good stuff. Ben Franklin said “Write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” We all know (or should know) that social media is becoming a bigger and bigger player in getting a job. A blog that has good content about your field can say a lot about you and what you will bring to the table as a future employee for a company.

2. If you aren’t currently working, find an organization that you can volunteer with and provide significant value for. This can help you develop new skills and  meet new people, both of which will help your employment stock.  This is also a good way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack by giving back to the community and making a name for yourself.

3. Read more books. Especially in your desired field. The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you will be, the more likely you are to get the job you want, the more motivated you will be to get off your ass and find it! As of December 2011, the average American is unemployed for 40 weeks. If you just read 10 pages a day for that amount of time it would be the  equivalent of 14 200 page books. My guess is, if you implement some of these tips those 40 weeks will be shortened drastically.

4. Attend events and conferences in your field. 2 purposes: become more knowledgeable and networking. Events and conferences can give you fire power for resumes and future interviews. Many of the people attending these conferences are valuable tools to connect you with your next job and future dream job.

5. Get fit. Exercise more. A fit body results in a fit mind which can result in a fit job. Exercise will increase your energy, increase your confidence, and increase your appearance. And if you don’t think employers judge you on your appearance, you’re crazy, whether you think its right or not. If you don’t like exercising for exercising sake (I don’t either) join a recreational league of some sort. Most cities have fairly inexpensive leagues you can participate in.

6. Get on a schedule and start the habit of planning. Just because you are unemployed doesn’t mean it is time for vacation. Most people who are unemployed aren’t in a situation to turn unemployment into leisure time. Finding a job is now your job. Sticking to a consistent schedule and having daily and weekly objectives will increase your effectiveness and keep you sane. Most importantly, It is an extremely valuable habit to create for your future.

Whether it is one of these or all of these that you implement, I can guarantee a better chance at employment. Remember, you can’t just read this and never look at it again and expect a job to fall in your lap. Knowledge isn’t power, the application of knowledge is power.

Written by: Ray Reed

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One response to “Strengthen Your Job-Getting Muscles: 6 Ways To Increase Your Employment Stock

  1. Growing personally will allow you to engage more in your professional life. Being pushed to succeed by someone else is more challenging than pushing yourself to succeed. When you choose growth, it is easier to push yourself towards what you “truly want.” — Find a way to become more intrinsically motivated using any of the above.

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